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7 Aug 2021

Yapping About Astro

Chris Coyier

Build a static-by-default site using JavaScript components and only load whatever JavaScript you need by opting in very carefully.

12 Jul 2021

Astro in 100 Seconds

Jeff Delaney

Astro is an open-source tool that can build static HTML websites using popular frontend JavaScript frameworks (React, Vue, Svelte), while loading fully interactive components as needed

8 Jun 2021

JavaScript meetup for mad science, hacking, and experiments. Hang out virtually on Friday at 4pm Pacific Time each week.

8 May 2021

Ship Less JavaScript with Astro

Jason Lengstorf with Fred K. Schott

Astro is a way to build websites that ships zero JavaScript by default. Only add JS when you need it for maximum performance! Fred K. Schott will teach us how it works.